New Additions to the Family

Larry’s New Mustang

The Ford Focus I had just got traded in on a 2014 Mustang V6 for my ‘driver’ back & forth to work. Great car to drive – nice and sporty! Pretty cool colour too, don’t ya think?

The car was sitting just a little ‘high’ so BROWN BROS. PERFORMANCE was kind enough to lower the car using Ford Racing parts.

Nathan’s New Mustang

Here are some photos of my son Nathan’s new purchase – a 1988 Mustang Notch! Very pretty car and in great shape!




Toni’s New Chevy Spark

Here’s a pic of my lovely wife Toni and her new purchase – a 2013 Chevrolet Spark! She just loves this tiny little car and the colour, too!

Look What I Can Do!

Another fine race between friends at the Saturday Night Street Legals on June 22 2013!

This time featuring Wayne Johnson (BrownBros. Ford Performance Tuner) in the Blue 2013 FORD MUSTANG GT & The ‘Old Man’ in the Black 2003 Mach1!

Even the guy in tower (the announcer) was betting on the “Professional” in the BLUE one to win this race…and lost! lol! This was a ton of fun to race with the guy who does such an awesome job on my car….hmmmm, maybe TOO awsome, eh?

*Watch a Video of the race at the bottom below the pictures.

Photos & Video Courtesy Samantha Whitfield.
Click any Picture for Enlarged High Res.

Sitting in the pits!

Sitting in the pits!

Me (in the Staging Lanes) checking the Air Pressure before Wayne and I go out on the track

Me (in the Staging Lanes) checking the Air Pressure before Wayne and I go out on the track

Wayne and I lining up

Wayne and I lining up

Starting our Burnouts in the ‘Wetbox’

Starting our Burnouts in the ‘Wetbox’

Completing Burnout in the ‘Wetbox’

Completing Burnout in the ‘Wetbox’

Ready to Go!!

Ready to Go!!

Watch The Full VIDEO of the Race!

Racin’ With Friends!

Here’s a picture of my Mustang on May 31st at Mission Raceway (photo by Bob Behnke)

And here’s a picture of my friend Andy and his ‘78 Monte Carlo – he’s been working on
this great lookin’ car for 5 years and finally got it out to the track – what a beauty!

Fantastic Opening Night Photo!

This photo was taken on Opening Night of the Friday Night Street Legals at MISSION RACEWAY PARK by Track Photographer Bob Behnke – I love this picture! Thanks Bob!

*You can click the image above to expand it and see the full-size version!

My Mustang In The Movies

THE DUCHESS 'Title Page'

The Duchess

THE DUCHESS 'Title Page' IIMy car was featured in a short independent film called “The Duchess”, in which I chase one of the main stars, Daniel Stewart, with my Mach!

You can watch the full movie by scrolling down to the “videos” section, but first I’m going to post some pictures detailing the pre-filming prep, some film stills, and us just generally having a great time that day.


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